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J&N Industrial Co.Ltd. Established in 1993, manufactured under strict quality control standards, every scale isapproved with high standard quality.We understand that weighing must provide so much more than just isolated weight data.MMAXY can meet your demands for products that deliver on price, functionality, quality, reliability, safety, durability and performance.

  • Digital Truck Scale

    Digital Truck Scale

    SCS-MM Truck Scale:
    1.SCS-MM series is export Truck Scale with high quality guarantee after long and repeated overloading tests.
    2.Special jig...

  • Weighbridge Operator

    Weighbridge Operator

    SCS-MM Weighbridge System:
    1.The weighbridge system generally consists of scale platform, instrument with computer communication function, large...

  • Electronic Vehicle Scales

    Electronic Vehicle Scales

    SCS-MM Vehicle scale:
    1.Mmaxy vehicle scale is with superior measurement performance,high accuracy,long-term stability , convenient installation and...

  • Vehicle Weight Scales

    Vehicle Weight Scales

    SCS-MM Vehicle Weight Scales: 10T~200T
    1.Mmaxy muti-function vehicle weighbridge is with superior measuring capability,high...

  • Digital Weighbridge System

    Digital Weighbridge System

    SCS-MM Truck Weight Scale:
    1.The truck weight scale consists of weighing platform, load cell, indicator, junction box and electric cable.

  • Truck Weight Scale

    Truck Weight Scale

    SCS-MM Electronic Weighbridge:
    1.SCS-MM Electronic Weighbridge is suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, food, logistics and other industries...


About J&N Industrial Co.Ltd.

J&N Industrial Co.Ltd. Established in 1993,MMAXY is a leading manufacturer,supplier and exporter of various kinds of weighing scales & weighing systems especially industrial weighing equipment, with branches in provincial capital.

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